Angelica Root Extract

Angelica Root Extract
It' s extracted from the root of Angelica by SFE-CO2 Extraction. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese angelica powder has the role of nourishing blood, nourishing bowel and defecation. Angelica root powder is suitable for symptoms such as blood deficiency, dizziness and palpitation, irregular menstruation, Amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea ,postpartum blood loss, menopausal depression, irritability and other symptoms. Therefore, dong quai root powder is known as the "

magical medicine for women " by traditional Chinese medicine. Buy angelica extractdirectly from natural botanical extracts factory.

Specifications of Angelica Root Extract by SFE-CO

Raw material: Angelica root (Latin name: Radix Angelicae Sinensis)


CAS No.: 4431-01-0

Main active ingredient: 1%-2% Ligustilides (HPLC) 5:1,10:1,20:1,50:1

Appearance: Light Yellow-brown Powder

Flavor: Angelica characteristic odor, spicy taste ,a little bitter.

Lead: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Iron: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Mercury: 0.0-0.5mg/kg

Aerobic plate count: 0-5000 cfu/g

Coliform bacteria: 0-10 cfu/g

Mold count: 0-100 cfu/g

Yeast count: 0-100 cfu/g

Effect of Angelica Root Extract

Angelica root extract nourish blood, promote the circulation of blood, increase blood flow and prevent arteriosclerosis, protect the liver, promote diuresis, resist .inflammation.

These types of plant extracts relieve spasm, inhibit the contraction of uterine smooth muscle ,and regulate menstruation.

Miscarriage prevention and Anti pernicious anemia.

It' s a good root plant extractfor treatment of bronchial asthma.

It' s characteristic flavor and aroma can be used in food flavoring.

Applications of Angelica Root Extract

Pharmaceutical, health care food.

Cosmetics, daily chemical products (Promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, health care).

Food additives (Flavouring agent).

Recommended Usage of Angelica Root Extract

Add appropriate amount according to product characteristics and appropriate method.

This product is easy to oxidize and should be sealed and stored in a cool and dark place.

As a botanical extract company, we can offer kinds of related products for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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