Full Cream Milk Powder

Full cream milk powder

We offer Acid Casein in bulk. Acid Casein is the pulverised or unpulverised product resulting from washing, drying or otherwise processing of coagulum resulting from acid precipitation of skim pasteurised milk. The fresh milk is pasteurised before or during the proces of making Acid Casein. We offer acid casein in a range of mesh sizes. Application of the Product Casein is suitable for making cheese which it is often used for. Besides making cheese, casein is also used in a number of non-food applications such as an ingredient for paint, plastics and fibres and protein supplements. It also has medical and dental uses’m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy.

Product specifications

Chemical Specifications

  • Protein: 90%
  • Moisture: <12%
  • Fat: < 2%
  • Ash: < 2,2%
  • Lactose: 1%

Physical Specifications

  • Scorched particles: <22.5 mg. / 25 gr.
  • Solubility index:0,1 ml – 1 ml
  • Titratable Acidity: < 0.27%
  • Antibiotics: Absent – <0.0003 IU


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