JOYSTAR's Baby Food Maker And Steamer List

There's no doubt of health benefits made food in home. The baby food maker helps you prepare the healthy meals while preserving all the essential nutrients in a easy and quick way. Making your own food is much healthier and easily. Steam cooking preserves more nutrients than any other method of cooking. Nutritious meals made easy—steam and blend vegetables, meat, fish or pulses.

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-180E
BPA free and food grade material. All parts of the baby food maker are dishwasher safe except for the motor and housing. Accessory: 1200ml bowlx1, 800ml steaming basketx1, bladex1, bottle basketx1, bottle adapter ringx1, spatulax1, 120ml measuring cupx1

Baby food steamer and blenderHB-180E
-Steams, blends and defrosts, and reheats, all in one
-A digital countdown display with a big screen shows the remaining time and clearly indicates your chosen settings

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-181E
-Powerful blending and steam steaming performance, a multi-purpose mixing blade provides just the right texture.
-Automatically switches off with light and sound signal when steaming is finished

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-183
-Timer control easy for using
-The separate cooking basket can avoid excessive backflow of water and stir with the food, adjust the amount of water as needed

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-183E
-One-handed operation with light touch screen control, an auto shut-off, and a beep when the cycle is finished.
-The bowl is made of Tritan plastic, BPA, and Phthalate, and is Lead-Free. The steam basket has the capacity of 650ml to store more contents.
-The removable blade is easily removed from the base and wash it.

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-185E
-80CM super large water tank design, timely and convenient cleaning
-Overheating protection, rest assured to use

Baby Food Maker And Steamer HB-107E
-Multi-function: steam, blend, keep warm, defrost, sterilize
-All-in-one bowl for steaming and blending make it easy to prepare multiple meals at once

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