Collagen Peptide

Bigtree is the largest active peptide production base in Asia. Our brand is a well-known brand in China, Our collagen peptides for sale include two series of plant peptides and animal peptides.

We have our own professional raw material supply base. All animal peptides are extracted by our own scientific and technological personnel. The fish collagen powder we produce retains the activity of peptides to the maximum extent, and their molecular weight is very small, leading the way in protein peptide powder technology.

Types of Collagen Peptides for Sale

Bovine Bone Collagen Peptides Powder Supplier

Bovine bone peptide is a kind of small molecular peptide extracted from bovine bone using bovine bone as raw material through advanced biotechnology such as enzymolysis, separation and purification. Bovine bone peptide contains a variety of active peptides to promote bone metabolism, as well as some inorganic elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Bovine bone peptide has good calcium absorption capacity and calcium binding capacity. Reasonable supplement of bovine bone peptide can effectively improve bone density, help the body lock calcium, and help you avoid osteoporosis, so that your body can be stronger and enjoy life better.

Marine Fish personalized collagen powderSupplier

Collagen peptide is collagen extracted from deep-sea fish. Fish collagen polypeptide can nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles, enhance the activity of collagen in the skin, enhance blood circulation, shrink pores, fade fine lines, and effectively prevent skin aging; At the same time, fish collagen peptide can nourish scalp and repair dry hair. In addition, collagen titanium powder can also relieve fatigue, improve immunity, firm muscles, and reduce weight

Sea Cucumber Peptide

Modern research has found that sea cucumber peptide can play a variety of health effects, such as anti-oxidation, immune regulation, anti fatigue, hypoglycemia, etc. Sea cucumber peptide can significantly prolong the weight bearing swimming time of mice, significantly reduce the blood urea nitrogen content and blood lactic acid level of mice after exercise, and increase the liver glycogen content, which has a strong anti fatigue effect.

Oyster Peptide

Oyster peptide is actually the application of peptide molecular biotechnology in the processing of oysters, which is enzymatically hydrolyzed into oyster peptide. It concentrates the original vitamins, trace elements, taurine and other nutrients in oysters into nutrient essence, which can effectively improve the survival rate of male sperm, improve male sexual function, and regulate prostate disease to a certain extent.

How Long Does It Take Collagen Peptides To Work?

From One Month to Two Months

Collagen peptide has an effect from one month to two months, but the time is not fixed. According to each person's constitution and absorption. Drinking collagen peptides is good for tonifying.

Why Need Two Months To Take Effect?

The collagen ingredients needed by the body can help increase skin elasticity, and can also to keep the skin moist and smooth, if the skin problem is not very serious, and self absorption is relatively fast, which may take about a month to take effect. If skin problems compare seriously, and self-absorption is relatively slow, so the time for drinking collagen peptide will be prolonged, Therefore, it may take about two months to take effect.

What Does Collagen Peptide Do?

Collagen is rich in amino acids, which can be quickly absorbed by the body and play a role in promoting gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. It has the functions of protecting gastric mucosa, anti ulcer, anti allergy, etc. In addition, it can whiten skin, delay aging, shrink pores, replenish water and moisturize skin. The protein peptide molecules in collagen are small and can enter cells, which can play a role in recovery for injured people.

What's The Difference Between Collagen And Collagen Peptides?

Different component sizes

Collagen is an important material for the composition of animal skin, belonging to macromolecular components; Collagen peptide belongs to small molecule. It is a small molecule formed by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, It is a substance between amino acid and protein.

Different methods of use

Collagen generally needs to be swallowed to enhance the moisture in the skin, improve the elasticity and softness of the skin, and increase its beauty of the skin. Collagen peptide can be applied to human skin or swallowed with warm water to alleviate the symptoms such as elasticity loss of skin surface due to rapid aging.

Different absorption efficiency

As collagen is a macromolecular component, it can only be absorbed by the human body after being swallowed by the human stomach and intestines for a period of time, so as to improve the elasticity of the skin. Collagen peptide is a small molecule substance, which can be absorbed by the human body much faster than collagen, and can be directly absorbed through the intestine.

As a collagen powder manufacturer, we provide collagen peptides hydrolyzed protein, collagen peptides pure hydrolyzed, collagen protein powder ingredients, etc. For collagen peptides costor buy collagen powder, contact us.


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Collagen Peptide
Collagen Peptide Bigtree is the largest active peptide production base in Asia. Our brand is a well-known brand in China, Our collagen peptides for sale include two...

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