Complete Fertilizer Mixing Line

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Manufacturers offertilizer blending and mixing systemscontinue to develop some of the fastest, most durable, most accurate units ever for ag retailers. From beidou's’s, to, there are plenty of options to choose from.Controlled release fertilizer production lineis another mature products of.



A: It can work under extremely enviroment

B: It can continuous batching, blending and packaging

C: Hi-tech elements inside the machine

D: It integrates batching, blending and packaging as one

A:Batching system
1. Speedy and continuous
2. Underground design makes feeding convenient and allows fewer worker and increases efficiency
3. Corrosion resistant
4. Highly batching precision (±0.2%)

B: Blending system
1. Continuous blending process
2. Ensure blending even and uniform
3. Screen netting removes impurities such as thread residue, off size granules, etc.
4. Causes nearly no harm to materials
C: Packaging system
1. More precise (±0.2% )
2. Running stable and durable
3. Empty bag checking
4. High-precision digital weighing sensor
5. Weighing range:5kg~50kg

We offer a variety of styles and sizes of fertilizer bulk blending systems to best fit our clients requirements based on their:
Blend complexity
Tons per hour & per year requirements
Space availability
Labor strength & cost
Level of automation
Local climate
Raw materials

Aftersales service

1. Inspection work must be done before delivery

2. Send customer on-site loading photos on time

3. 2-3 technical srews to be dispatched for installation and debug work

4. Your operators will be trained by our screws

5. Satisfaction survey


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