SC-8231 Grafting Tool Kit

SC-8231grafting kitallows the grafting area to fit perfectly every time. The high efficiency of grafting improves the survival rate of plants and greatly reduces labor costs.

Advantages of SC-8231 Grafting Tool Kit

High survival rate: sharp blade, smooth V-shaped incision, and the 1-inch scar can be made on the rootstock, the cutting surface is the same so that the grafting area is closely aligned.

Robust structure: made of high-quality alloy, equipped with SK5 high-carbon steel blades, sharp and replaceable.

Ergonomic handle: easy to grasp, will not feel tired after long hours of work.

Details of SC-8231 Grafting ToolKit

Step 1: Put the grafted rootstock into the grafting tool, press the handle to cut, repeat this step to cut the stem from the donor plant.

Step 2: Slide the donor valve stem into the groove of the stock to make it match the cut surface as closely as possible.

Step 3: Use tape to tie up the seams.

Step 4: Use a pruner to cut off the useless branches.

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