Grafting Tool

All-in-one grafting equipment and grafting tools for sale: professional grafting tool, 3 different blades can be applied to grafting different plants, high efficiency, saving 60% of time and energy compared with traditional grafting methods. The plant grafting tools and equipmentoffered by SUCA, one of the trusted grafting machine suppliers, are of good quality at a reasonable grafting cutter price.

The set contains 3 different cutting blades: Ω style, U style, V style.

SUCA Grafting Tool Types

SC-8201 Grafting ShearsGarden grafting cutter, pruning machine kit, paper card packaging, Plant branch tree vine tree fruit tree cutting scissors.

SC-8201 Grafting Shears

SC-8202 Professional Grafting Tool2 in 1 graft tool pruner kit, V-GRAFT, Omega Graft, and U-graft, perfect for fruit tree grafting, includes Graft tape, Graft knife, and replacement blade.

SC-8202 Professional Grafting Tool

SC-8203 Tree Grafting ToolProfessional garden grafting pruning tool cutting tool kit for fruits, a matching kit for professional and beginner grafting.

SC-8203 Tree Grafting Tool

SC-8231 Grafting Tool KitGrafting tool Kit, garden pruning tool, ideal for fruit tree grafting, includes grafting tape, graft knife, and replacement blade.

SC-8231 Grafting Tool Kit

SC-8281 Tape for Grafting ToolHigh-quality grafted membrane, waterproof, stretchable, self-adhesive, flexible and durable.

SC-8281 Tape for Grafting Tool

SUCA Grafting Tool Importance


Suca grafting machine is a device specially designed for grafting.

SUCA Grafting Tool Importance


When you choose this gardening grafting toolset, you will get durable tools constructed from SK5 stainless steel. The garden grafting tools set includes a pair of 2-in-1 garden shears, a set of spare blades, a wrench, a screwdriver, and a storage box.

SUCA Grafting Tool Importance


There is also a built-in safety lock to prevent people from accidentally cutting themselves.

SUCA Grafting Tool Importance


A grafting pruner tool kit for each cut to better cut and improve graft survival, suitable for both professional and novice grafts.

SUCA Grafting Tool Use

Step 1: Put the grafted rootstock into the grafting tool, squeeze the handle to cut, repeat this step to cut the stem from the donor plant.

Step 2: Slide the donor valve stem into the groove of the stock to make it match the cut surface as closely as possible.

Step 3: At the joints, use tape to prevent bacteria and bad weather conditions.

Step 4: Use a pruner to cut off the useless branches.

SUCA Grafting Tool FAQs

1What tool is used in grafting?

A sharp plant grafting knife is essential. It can be a sturdy knife or a special grafting knife.

2What is the purpose of a grafting tool?

3What tape is best for grafting?

4What is required for grafting?

We also have types of electric scissorsfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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