BTH60130, Through Hole Slip Ring


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BTH60130, Through Hole Slip Ring
OD22mm,24circuits,flange or not option,very low noise, gold contact, UL wires, long life span
Yes, This is ByTune Electronics Co., Ltd A Professional and Experienced manufacturer  ,experting at  manufacturing precise metal & plastic parts,  ...
ラジオ周波数チャネル特性チャンネル指定チャンネル 1チャンネル 2インターフェイス1.5 3.5 女性1.5 3.5 女性周波数範囲4.5 GHz への DC4.5 GHz への DC最大ピーク電力.1 kW1 kW平均電力は、最大.10 W10 WVSWR、最大.1.21.5VSWR のバリ...
Through hole slip ring---BTH50120A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a sta...

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