30 Inch Range Hood

01 series :30 inch under cabinet stainless steel range hood with LED ScreenSpec: Size:30"High quality stainless steel Rated Power: 900CFM  Noise Level: super quiet-386CFM(1.5 Sones/46db)lower speed-490CFM(3.5 Sones/58db)Medium Speed-615CFM(5.3 Sones/64db)High Speed-900CFM(7.5 Sones/69db)4 speed power control,Website:http://www.hyxiongroup.com, LCD switch 2*1.5W LED LampStainless steel baffle filter     Certificate: CSAContainer Loading: 336pcs for 40HQ02 series 30 under cabinet stainless steel range hood with switch buttonSpec:Size: 30"Two squirrel cage ultra quiet motor                         900CFM centrifugal blowerStainless steel baffle filters (dishwasher-friendly)Three-speed finger touch  control panelDelayed power auto shut off (3 minutes pre-set)2*1.5W LED Lamp7" round duct vent exhaustCertificate:CSAContainer Loading: 336pcs for 40HQ04 series 30 inch wall mounted range hood with adjustable chimneySpec:Size:30"High quality SS 0.8mm thicknessRated Power: 700CFM   Ventilation pipe inner diameter 6”      2*50cm adjustable chimney             4 speed LCD switch with sensor touch and smoke detector2*1.5W  LED LampStainless steel baffle filter     Certificate:CSAContainer Loading: 280pcs for 40HQ                          05 series 30 inch luxury big under cabinet stainless steel rang hood Spec:Size:30"High quality SS 0.8mm thicknessRated Power: 900CFM Single squirrel cage ultra-quiet motor  Double squirrel cage ultra-quiet motor for 48 inch range hood Four-speed finger touch control panel             Noise: Max speed 7.0 sonesStainless steel baffle filter  Container Loading: 196pcs for 40HQ


至: Hyxion Metal Industry
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