Bucket Elevator

Product introduction:1. Application Our TDTG series bucket elevators are the equipment specially for continuous grain conveyance  vertically,Website:http://www.yiyangsilo.com, which has the advantages of small footprint, large throughput and low power consumption. The equipment is widely used in oil plant, animal feed, flour and starch industries. It is one new seriesof bucket elevator absorbing the merits of like products based on current development of bucket elevators in and abroad China. It is widely used in vertical transportation on various bulk materials such as grain, starch, grease, alcohol, etc.  2. Work principleWhen the transmission mechanism (it can be provided as per the request of the user) started, the bucket belt would make circulating motion from the bottom to top driven by the head pulley and the feedmaterials at the feed inlet would be elevated to the head of the elevator and then throw out of theoutlet at the action of centrifugal force; and the empty bucket would be brought back to the the mount of the elevator through the bucket belt and be elevated and hurled; and the process would be circulated and take the bottom materials to the appointed height so as to realize the vertical conveyance3. Featuresa. The bucket elevator has good appearance, small footprint, low electricity consumption and large conveying capacity b. The transmission mechanism is reasonable and reliable, and cam rubber package process is used in  the head pulley in order to increase the friction factor and reduce the deviation of the bucket belt. In addition, the mechanical rubber package is easy to be replaced after abrasion.c. High strength bucket is used in the elevator in order to ensure its long service life and reliable full-load coefficient d. The powerful bucket belt has strong tensile strength, low elongation and long service life.e. Both head and tail pulley is squirrel-cage type (as per customers’ requirement) in order to reduce the crush rate to full extentf. Safe and reliable, the machine could be fitted with multiple explosion proof openings based on the requirements from the users (for granular materials) which can prevent dust explosion effectively (e.g. for mines). The speed monitoring system, automatic deviation alarming system, and anti-blocking alarm system is optionally connected with the control system in order to ensure the normal production.


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