Black Fluorine Rubber Sheet

Product DescriptionBlack fluorine rubber sheet: Resistant to high and temperature,Website:, chemicals.Odorless, non-toxic High str Specificationsviton rubber sheeting 1,Oil resistance 2,Low/high temperature resistance 3,Acid and alkali resistant 4,ISO 9001:2008Manufacturing Brand viton rubber sheeting , viton rubber sheeting , thick rubber sheet , perforated rubber sheetFeatures of rubber sheet :1) Outstanding performance in very hot and extremely corrosive environments.2) Particularly valued for its excellent heat stability (260 C)3) Good resistant to aggressive fuels and chemicals.4) Oil-resistant excellent 5) High quality with low price6) Customized size and colorApplication of rubber sheet: 1) Fuel system seals. 2) Expansion joints and gaskets.3) Automotive, fluid power. 4) Appliance and chemical industries.Packing: (Up to your choice)1) Packed with plastic film2) Packed with plastic film and with PP woven bag3) Wooden palletPhycical property of rubber sheetExamination projectUnitActual test dataDegree of hardnessShore A72Proportiong/cm31.90 0.02Tensile StrengthMpa9.2Pulls apart the elongation ratio%280Compression the permanent deformation rate(Test specimen Specification Compression ratio25%,170 C 28 Hour)%22Heat resistanceC-40~+250Brittle temperatureC-25The test specimen does not have the changeNote:      Bears the acid and alkali use scope:Room temperature 20 C      Hydrochloric acid 36% Sulfuric acid 98%      Nitric acid 50% Phosphoric acid 100%      Sodium hydroxide 50%1~20mm  1000mm(ThicknessxWidth)Length infinitePropertyUnitResultHardnessShore A72Elongation strengthMpa12.5Elongation at rupture%230TemperatureC-30~260


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