alfalfa bale

High quality Alfalfa bales

Weight: 750 & 800 KG – 400KG (on inquiry)

Lengths: 2.20 - 2.30 meters

Width: 1 – 1.1 meters

Height: 80 meters

Protein: Min 17% - Min 18 %

Chop size ( Long Fiber) – 10 cm

Chop Size (Short Fiber) 4-6 cm

Moisture – Max 12%

Alfafa pellets
Packaging: Bulk/big bag
Moisture: Max 11%

Proten: Min 15% - Min 16% (d.m.b.)

Length : 3-6 cm

Diameter: 6-9 mm

Dehydrated Alfalfa cubes
Packaging: Bulk/big bag

Moisture: Max 12%

Proten: Min 15% - Min 16%- Min 17% (d.m.b.)

Side width: 3 cm

Lenght: 5-10 mm


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