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Sinorock anchor bolt system provides a practical anchor bolt that is quick and easy to install through fractured or broken ground.

Anchor bolts are used for support in a variety of mining and civil engineering situations. Anchor bolts are used widely to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. Often they are used to stabilize relatively small blocks of rocks in cuttings, slopes and underground excavations such as tunnels, caverns and mines. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other support systems such as ground anchorages.

Anchor bolts is beneficial for slope stabilization and also used for load transfer from soft strata to hard strata. As far as safety aspect concern it gives better results because of its stabilization and homogeneity between all rocks.

Overall anchor bolts is superior for the tunnel construction and it gives enhanced suitability for all types of geographical cuts with using variety and suitability of bolts.
Sinorock anchor bolts give you a choice of tube and plate sizes.
Quality Standards Sinorock anchor bolts are manufactured to a highest standard of quality. Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances. Every Sinorock is identified with model number, length, factory, rolling date, and heat lot of the steel.
Fast, easy installation of our friction rock bolts reduces bolting costs. Rock bolts can be installed quickly, usually in less than a minute, using a jack drill, a stoper, a roof-bolting jumbo, or any other type of drill. Installation can be done in a few easy steps:

Drill the hole.
Replace the drill steel with a driver tool.
Slide the plate on the tube.
Drive the tube in with the drill / drifter


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