MOPS-NA CAS NO.71119-22-7

MOPS-NA CAS NO.71119227

MOPS sodium saltis a derivative of MOPS buffer, like other biological buffers, it mainly plays a role in regulating the pH of the reaction environment in biochemical detection, because most biochemical reactions are originally carried out in the organism, but in vitro testing due to the departure of the organism's in vivo regulation system, we need to use biological buffers to maintain a suitable pH environment.

Mops-na Buffer Product Page Overview

Introduction: MOPS saltis widely used in biological research, MOPS sodium salt can be mixed with concentrated hydrochloric acid or MOPS free acid to achieve the desired pH, and mops free acid can also be adjusted with sodium hydroxide to achieve the desired pH. SodiumMOPSsaltbuffer range 6.5-7.9 it is an extremely suitable buffer for separating RNA in both cell culture and agarose gel.

Mops-na Buffer in Detail

MOPS sodium salt, a buffer for biochemistry and molecular biology, is part of Good's buffer family, a amphoteric, morpholine buffer suitable for pH ranges of 6.5 – 7.9, typically used in cell culture media, running buffers in electrophoresis, and protein purification in chromatography. It usually exists in powder form on the market, and it is necessary to configure the powder into a solvent when using it.

Product Advantages of Mops-na Buffers

Good water solubility, colorless and transparent aqueous solution;

Basically impermeable to cell membranes;

with low ultraviolet absorption rate;

High purity of product;

High chemical stability;

At the same concentration, it has a stronger buffering force than other parts of the buffer.

Desheng's Advantages in Mops-na Buffers

Stable product performance, joint production by the professional R & D team composed of the company;

Pure white appearance, purity up to 99%;

As MOPS sodium salt source producer, Desheng can provide high-quality MOPS sodium salt according to your application and provide special testing services.

With enough stock,we can deliver the goods quickly, our production level can also meet customer needs even for the large quantity;

the price is preferential, Desheng is a MOPS-Na manufacturer, raw materials direct sales, so compared to other traders the product cost performance will be higher;

Worry-free after-sales. Our professional after-sales team will offer you professional solutions after the purchase of products in Desheng.

Application of Mops-na Buffer

It does not complex with most metal ions and can be used as a buffer in metal ion solution;

For cell culture medium;

For protein purification in chromatography;

Buffer for separating RNA in an agarose gel.

Instructions for Use of Mops-na Buffer

MOPS sodium salt is a zwitterion buffer, if the use of each dose is too small, generally after the appropriate dispensing and then reasonable use, can effectively avoid the preservation process of the product is contaminated;

Usually the biological buffer may make the color of the liquid yellow after encountering light, and the yellowish color can be fully used. If the color is too dark, it should not be used again.

Preparation Method Of Mops-na Buffer 1L:

Dissolve 231.25 g of MOPS sodium salt in 750 ml of dH2O;

Use concentrated hydrochloric acid to adjust to the desired pH. Note: This method will yield approximately 0.24 M–0.88 M NaCl in concentrated stock solution;

Fill with dH2O to a final volume of 1 L;

Filter disinfection (recommended) or autoclave.

MOPS-Na Buffer Notes

MOPS-Na buffer appearance is powder and it is very easy to absorb moisture, such as open the sealed package.It shall be strictly sealed and protected from light preservation for the remaining powder.

When configuring the solvent, be sure to use clean and pollution-free experimental vessels to avoid solvent pollution caused by mixing with other chemical components;

If you accidentally get on the skin, rinse immediately with water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible;

this product is a non-dangerous goods, can be transported according to the general chemicals, gently moved and put lightly, to prevent sun, rain, please avoid light, dry and cool place closed storage, strictly prohibit mixed with toxic and harmful substances, mixed transport.

If you want to know more uses of edta tripotassium salt, please visit our website.


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