Acid Lipase

High temperature resistant α-amylases is a highly effective biological preparation refined by deep fermentation and purification of Bacillus Licheniformis. This alpha amylase powder has good heat resistance, widely used in starch sugar, alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, organic acids and other fermentation industries. Shingenzyme is one of the best alpha amylase enzyme suppliersin Chinaandb we have alpha amylase for sale. Welcome to buy alpha amylase enzyme on shingenzymes.com.

Product info

Definition of Enzyme Activity

What is alpha amylase enzyme? 1g solid enzyme powder (or 1ml liquid enzyme), at 70 C, pH 6.0 (disodium hydrogen phosphate - citric acid buffer), in 1 h (reaction time 5min) can liquefy 1g soluble starch (iodine colorimetric determination of absorbance value), that is, a unit of enzyme activity, expressed as U/g (U/mL).

Alpha-amylase Appearance

Powder: light brown powder, good fluidity 40 mesh screening rate≥90%, dry weight loss ≤10%

Liquid: Brown or light brown liquid, density 1.1-1.2 g / ml

Alpha-amylase Specification

Liquid: 30 kg / barrel, 200kg / barrel, 1000kg / barrel

Powder: 25kg / bag

Enzyme activity: 20000U/g(mL),50000U/g(mL)

Special packaging specifications or enzyme activities can be customized according to customers' needs.

Alpha-amylase Characteristics

Heat endurance: The effective temperature range is 55-105 and the optimum temperature 85-100. When it is lower than 55℃, the reaction is slow, so it needs to extend the action time. When it is higher than 105℃, it can still maintain a considerable vitality. In the spray liquefaction, it can tolerate the instantaneous temperature 110-115℃.

PH stability: It is stable at pH5.0-8.0 and the optimum pH is 5.8-6.5.

Low calcium dependence: This product does not require high calcium concentration, and 50-70 ppm calcium can be used in tap water or groundwater production without additional calcium ions.

Alpha-amylase Usage

Alpha-amylase Note

  1. Note: This product is not combustible and can be safely mixed with water. Avoid contact with the body or inhalation of dry powder. Flush or accidentally contact with skin or eyes should be rinsed immediately.


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