Alkaline Protease

The alkaline protease enzymewas developed by Jinan Bestzyme Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. This product is made from improved bacillus licheniformis through liquid deep fermentation and advanced post-processing technology. The product has stable enzymatic properties and high efficiency, promotes the development of endocrine and digestive organs, improves animal immunity, degrades the anti-nutritional factors in feed, and improves animal disease resistance and production performance.

Specification of Alkaline Protease


Alkaline protease

Product Series Name

NutriGen Alkaline protease




Bacillus licheniformis

EC code







Brown,Light brown

Loss on drying

≤ 10%

Working pH

Optimum pH


Working T


Optimum T


Particle size

80% pass 40 mesh


25kg /bag


Stored 6 months in dark, cool and dry conditions


Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature

Definition of Activity Alkaline Protease

One unit (U) of alkaline protease activity is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 μg tyrosine per minute from substrate casein at 40℃ and pH 10.5.

Functions of Alkaline Protease

Supplement the endogenous protease in animals, improve animal digestion function and improve feed utilization rate.

Reduce feed anti nutritional factors, improve protein digestibility, reduce feed costs.

Enhance animal immunity and reduce diarrhea.

Improve livestock environment and reduce ammonia emissions

Dosage of Alkaline Protease

Recommended dosage is 100g/t with 50000 U/g in complete feed.

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