Pectinase for Sale

This product is a mixture of pectinose and pectinase which are obtained by Aspergillus niger fermentation. Under the effect of protopectinase, natural pectin turned into water soluble pectin; pectin is catalyzed by pectin methyl ester hydrolase to remove methyl groups, and generate pectic acid; pectic acid is degraded by pectic acid hydrolase and pectate lyase to generate galacturonic acid. This product is now widely used in feed, fruit wine processing, textile printing and dyeing, etc.

Specification of Pectinase



Product Series Name

EnerGen Pectinase




Aspergillus niger

EC code







Light brown,Brown

Loss on drying

≤ 10%

Working pH

Optimum pH

Working T


Optimum T


Particle size

80% pass 40 mesh


25kg /bag


Stored 12 months in dark, cool and dry conditions


Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature

Definition of Activity Pectinase

Definition of activity: One unit (U) of pectinase activity is defined as 1g or 1mL enzyme which liberates 1 mg galacturonic acid per hour from pectin substrate (Sigma P9135) at 50.0℃ and pH 3.5

Functions of Pectinase

Destroy the cell walls of intercellular layer, dissociative tissue, destroy the cell wall and expose the cell contents.

Effectively degrade pectin, reduce the viscosity of chyme and reduce the occurrence of diarrhea. It can complement insufficient endogenous enzymes to facilitate digestion and absorption of grass-feed animals, improve nutrient use efficiency in feed.

Effectively degrade pectin in feedstuff, release the cell contents, promote the metabolism of protein and energy, and improve the rate of feed utilization.

Expand usable feed ingredients type, making full use of by-products such as cheap, unconventional feed resources, reduce the formula cost.

Dosage of Pectinase

Recommended dosage in complete feed of pectinase with 10000 U/g:100-180g/t.

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