Adipic Acid (AA)

Adipic acid, also known as fatty acid, is an important organic diacid. Adipic acid structural formula is C6H10O4. HS code for Adipic Acid is 29171200. Widely used in applications of sole raw liquor, PU coating, TPU, nylon 66, plasticizer, adhesives, and so on. As one of the adipic acid suppliers in China, Douwin has own adipic acid factory with advanced production facility, which can provide our clients with quality AA.
Features of Adipic Acid (AA)

Adipic acid china is a general chemical. It's a white powder. It has the smell of burning bones. It is easily soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol and ether.

Adipic Acid Properties

Adipic Acid Formula
Adipic Acid Cas Number (Cas No.) 124-04-9
Adipic Acid UN Number 3077
Adipic Acid Structural Formula C6H10O4
Chemical Adipic Acid Structure
Adipic Acid Molecular Weight 146.14
Adipic Acid IUPAC Name fatty acid
Adipic Acid Synonyms Hexanedioic acid, Adipinic acid
Adipic Acid Density At 1.36 g/cm³
Adipic Acid Boiling Point 330.5℃
Adipic Acid Melting Point 152℃

Adipic Acid Storage and Delivery

For the package, AA is available in 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag and 1000kg/bag.

FAQs of Adipic Acid (AA)

What happens when adipic acid is heated?
There are two kinds: 1. HOOC-(CH2)4-COOH first removes a water molecule to form hexanedioic anhydride: C6H10O4==heating==C6H8O3+H2O. 2. Further heating decomposition to cyclopentanone, carbon dioxide, water: C6H10O4==heating==C5H8O+CO2+H2O

Is adipic acid bad for you?
If protected well, Adipic Acid (AA) will be safe.

What is adipic acid used for?
The material has a protein-like structure and can be further processed into fibers, so 90% of it is used for nylon production. Adipic acid can also be used as a plasticizer and lubricant.

How adipic acid is formed?
It is said that an authoritative report says that adipic acid can be produced by oxidizing cyclohexane.

Does adipic acid dissolve in water?
Solubility of adipic acid: slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ether, soluble in ethanol.

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