Tantalum Sheet

Tantalum sheet metalis tantalum tungsten alloy plate, tantalum platebright, no cracks, no peeling, no folding, no obvious oxidation, impurities pressed into defects. Contact us and get the tantalum plate price today!

Specification of Tantalum Sheet

Application of Tantalum Sheet

Between 50% and 70% of tantalum in the world in the form of capacitor grade tantalum powder and tantalum wire is used for making tantalum capacitors. Because of the compact tantalum surface can form stable, high dielectric strength of amorphous oxide film, and is easy to be accurate and easily control capacitor anodic oxidation process, at the same time, tantalum powder sintering block can be obtained in a very small volume large surface area, so the small bear capacitor has high capacitance, leakage current, low equivalent series resistance, good high and low temperature performance, long service life, excellent comprehensive performance, and other Capacitor with it.my hard, it is widely used in communications (switches, mobile s, pagers, fax machines, etc.), computer, automobile, household and office appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, national defense industry and technology sector, etc. So, but a kind of extremely versatile functional materials.

Application of Tantalum Sheet

Production Process of Tantalum Sheet

Tantalum sheet in the industrial production of tantalum alloy smelting process is similar to that of pure metal smelting, only the specific process. The powder is first made into alloy billets, then use high temperature sintering process or method for casting ingot ingot casting. But with casting method used most, fused cast method is given priority to with electron beam melting and electric arc furnace smelting.

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