The liner cementing is realized by the liner hanger, which reduces the casing weight of the first well in the deep well, improves the load of the rig lifting system when the casing is cut, and reduces the flow resistance of the cement slurry, which is beneficial to safe construction. Through the liner connection, the problem of drilling operation due to the wear of the upper casing can be solved; using the liner suspension cementing technology can also reduce the amount of casing and save the drilling cost.

Features of Liner Hanger:

The liner hanger is mechanical set by right-hand rotation. Do not use ball and operation easy.

The main parts of the line hanger are made of high-strength alloy steel, which ensures high mechanical performance and strong ability to hang heavy liner.

All of the pump-down plug, liner wiper plug and the landing collar have locking systems and are easily drillable.

The pack-off bushing can be pulled out with the setting tool and therefore saves time for drilling out.

The seal assembly contains a set of "W" packing rings that have perfect two-direction sealing capacity.

To release the setting tool from the liner, simply apply 5 to 10 t load to the drill string and rotate right hand.

The gage rings on the liner hanger not only serve as rigid centralizers, but also protect the hydraulic cylinder and slips while running in.

Applications of Liner Hanger:

The Liner hanger mainly realizes tail pipe suspension through hydraulic transmission. It is widely used in oil and gas wells, technical tail pipe of salt brine wells and geothermal wells and production tail pipe cementing. In the following cases, the tail pipe hanger is used for cementing:

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