With mechanical seal factory, Sealcon is able to design and manufacture a wide range of OEM mechanical seals. Our aim is to improve product quality and offer customized solutions to clients' needs, always seeking the best cost performance, with good reliability and high resistance.

Sealcon's OEM seals include pump mechanical replacement seals for Grundfos, Alfa Laval, APV and EMU pumps.

Owning mechanical seal factory, we carry stock of most OEM seals, delivery time usually less than 1 week. Please feel free to inquire us if you are interested in any OEM pump seals.

Advantages of O.E.M Mechanical Seals

All OEM mechanical seals are designed to increase ease of installing and deliver ultimate performance by using high quality materials. Our OEM replacement seals is cost-effective and have reliable quality. Fast delivery is assured.

OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals for Different Pumps

These seals are OEM designed for these brands' pumps.

OEM Seal for Grundfos Pump

Grundfos replacement seals, can be used in CR / CRI / CRN Series Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps.

These seals' advantages: Reliable, Easy installation, High efficiency, Save space.

The seals are suitable for slightly corrosive fluids.

Sealcon design and manufacture Grundfos pump mechanical seal to suit for Grundfos® Pump CR and CRN series Pump, JP, Grundfos® Pump CH8, CH12, CRK(I) 2, CRK(I) 4 Series Pump SPK1, SPK2, SPK4, SPK8 Series, Grundfos® Pump CM CME 1,3,5,10,15,25 Series pump and CMV pump.

Sealcon Model

Shaft Size

Stock Materials

G91, G92, G93, G94



G91, G92, G94






OEM Seal for Alfa Laval Pump

Sealcon manufacture and stock Alfa Laval Pump Seal to suit Alfa Laval Pump model LKH Series Pump, FM、MR Series Pump, CMx, EMx, FMx, and GMx series pumps, ME, GM Series Pump, etc.

Alfa laval pump mechanical seals are available from stock with carbon or silicon carbide rotary faces vs. stainless steel or inserted silicon carbide faced left-hand threaded seats. O-Rings are fitted as standard, material is NBR, VITON or EPDM. if another elastomer is required please advise at time of order.

OEM Seal for APV Pump

The APV W® and APV W+® pumps have been introduced to replace the APV Puma® pumps.

Sealcon manufacture and stock a complete range of mechanical seals designed to suitAPV W® and APV W+®pumps, in single and double configuration.

APV Pump mechanical Sealsuit APV Pump model W and W+ Series pumps, ZM series pumps, PUMA pumps.

Our price and quality are very good.

The seals are always in stock for fast and effective turn-arounds at mechanical seal factory.

OEM Seal for EMU Pump

Sealcon offers a range of seals for both EMU Pump and Mixer applications, including the seals in 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm. The mechanical seal assembly is fitted within the stainless steel housing. This E913 seal model is a direct replacement seal fitted to the most common EMU Pumps.

Sealcon Model

Shaft Size

Stock Materials










Sealconhas china agitator,mechanical seal 35mm,apv mechanical seal,sic sic viton mechanical seal,apv pump sealsand cri pump mechanical seal price,contact us now.


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