Miniature Peristaltic Pump

miniature peristaltic pumphead is very high cost performance model for small flow rate applications, small layout, 4 rollers structure and easy tubing replacement make it very welcomed by medical and lab equipment, flexible block designs enable it self-adapt to different tube sizes in a wide range.

Specification ofMiniature Peristaltic Pump

Model No.


Pump Roller

POM 4 rollers

Pump Head

ABS engineering plastic

Fast Tubing


Pump Color


Compatible Motor

Stepper motor/DC motor

Motor Speed


Flow Range


Tubing Size

Tubing Life

Silicone≥200H BPT Rubber≥1000H

Pressure Rating

Up to 2 bar(30psi)

Working Environment

0-40℃, <80% non-condensing

Max DB



5 meters


8 meters

Dimension (L*W*H)


Net Weight


Fitting Peristaltic Tubing of Miniature Peristaltic Pump

  1. ℃ and no extra pressure until it cracks

Nanjing Runze Fluid Control Equipment Co., LTD.is a professional pump company, we provide Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump, DC Motor Peristaltic Pump, Laboratory Peristaltic Pump and etc. Want to know the micro peristaltic pump price? Please contact us.


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