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Since Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. was established, Teila is always committed to concrete pumps. Our main products include truck mounted pumps, trailer pumps, line pumps, mixer trucks and so on. The brands involved are well-known top brands both in domestic and overseas. Such as Sany, Zoomlion, Putzmeister and Schwing and so on. Each series contains new concrete pump, used concrete pump, refurbished concrete pump, and concrete pump spare parts. So Teila target customers are very focused and specific.


The concrete pump is mainly used for the transportation of concrete in the construction of urban construction, residential area, sports venues, overpass, airport, railway, etc. As long as there is demand for these mentioned four categories of products, Teila can satisfy the needs of customers from any dimension. From maintenance cost, quality standard, service efficiency integrated into a complete value chain based on customer requirements.


The structure and characteristics of Teila concrete pumps are summarized as follows:

Firstly, all new concrete pumps are in stock. Teila is a factory, having maintenance &  refurbishing workshops, and excellent engineering team in Xiangtan, Hunan, China.


Secondly, for used concrete pumps, engineers have a strict review mechanism for the source and control of the equipment, checking over 500 items and fill in the first inspection list. Equipment that meets to Teila review standard can enter the factory area for maintenance. Teila used concrete pumps have the characteristics of low risk, small investment, and high returns. Zero failure before leaving the factory!


Thirdly, for refurbished concrete pumps, Teila has advanced and exquisite maintenance and refurbishing technology which leads the industry. Teila refurbishing has introduced the industry-leading standard system of "one, two, three, four and five level". Strict maintenance and inspection according to standard procedures, implement the process operation, standardize management, customers are assured to purchase and use it conveniently.


Fourthly, from purchase to delivery one-stop services and there is no worry from cost to after-sale service.

By Quantity Of Boom Sections

Boom concrete pump trucks are often limited by the upper space, requiring the top of the boom to be the lowest when deployed. The booms below 4 sections are usually in the R or Z shape. Due to the space limitation of the booms above 5 sections, the RZ type is generally used to realize the unfolding and folding of the boom. The applicability, maneuverability and flexibility are enhanced, and the efficiency is obviously improved especially in the tunnel and indoor operation.


By Concrete Boom Pump Sizes

When choosing a concrete pump truck, we should consider our actual construction needs. The longer the length of the concrete pump truck boom,the longer distance and the higher height the material can be transported to. However, if it is used for concrete construction in some narrow construction site, the long boom may not be a good thing. The long arm will not only cause cost waste, but also make the concrete pump truck unable to be deployed in such a construction site. Therefore, in the actual production process, we must consider our construction conditions, practicality, economy, safety, maintainability, In other respects, choose a pump truck with the right concrete pump truck sizes. We should choose concrete pump according to the local building and therental market conditions. Teila supplies pump trucks with a variety of arm lengths, including 36 meters, 37 meters, 38 meters, 40 meters, 42 meters, 45 meters, 46 meters, 48 meters, 49 meters, 52 meters, 56 meters and so on.

This page is a  piece of introduction of the concrete line pump truck for sale and the concrete pump truck for sale



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