Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine

Oil palm is a widely planted oil crop in the tropics. Not only the palm fruit but also the palm kernel can extract oil. In general, the palm oil expeller machineis mainly used to extract palm oil, which is called red palm oil. Palm oil machine is mainly used to extract palm kernel oil, also known as white palm oil.

Palm kernel oil expeller machineis the main equipment for extracting palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil extraction machine can squeeze most of the oil from the palm oil crop under high pressure through mechanical pressure.

If your raw material is a clean palm kernel, the steps you take to extract palm kernel oil are as follows:

First, separate the palm-shell and palm-kernel by kernel separating equipment.

Secondly, break the palm kernel into small pieces, and the surface area of oil is increased after crushing, which is conducive to the transfer of temperature and moisture during steaming and stir-frying.

Thirdly, the purpose of steaming and stir-frying is to completely destroy the palm kernel cells through the action of temperature and moisture. To denature the protein, accumulate the fat, reduce the oil viscosity and surface tension, adjust the elasticity and plasticity of the billet, and passivate the enzymes.

Fourth, put the treated oil into the palm kernel oil pressmachine, palm kernel oil extraction machine USES the principle of mechanical external force to extract palm kernel oil:

Fifth, the crude palm kernel oil obtained after pressing is generally not clean, there are a lot of impurities. We finally process simply to extract relatively clean palm kernel oil through the leaching or filter equipment;

If your raw material is a pressed seed cake from the palm oil crushing plant, you need to do this: after the crushed cake is broken, send it to the fiber separator and fiber polishing roller for fiber separation. After these simple treatments, you can get a cleaner palm kernel, and the rest of the process is the same.

Characteristics of palm kernel oil expeller:

Easy operation and maintenance;

High capacity;

High oil yield;

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