Air duct flanging machines are machines that handle the edges of a product, either manually or by machine. The easiest way is to use a bend radius model to firmly fix the steel plate to the machine table. Part of the material that is extended is placed on another table that can be rotated about the center of the bend radius. When the movable workbench goes up, it bends the stainless steel to the desired angle. Duct forming machine supplier introduce you the use of the duct folding machine.

Folding machine to use

1, before the operation to wear tight protective clothing, cuffs fastened, coat hem can not be open, not in the start of the machine to wear, change clothes, or Wai cloth on the body, to prevent the machine screw wound. Must wear safety helmets, braids should be placed in the cap, not to wear skirts, slippers.

2, Folding workers to go through a certain degree of professional learning, to understand the structure of the machine I operate, the performance and the correct method of installing the mold in order to operate alone.

3, add a good lubricant before use, and empty car run two minutes check.

4, after starting to wait for the normal operating speed before starting work; at the same time observe the dynamics around people, to prevent injury.

5, may not exceed the size of the machine.

6, multiplayer operation, should be commanded by one person, workpieces stand up or retreat, both sides of the operator close contact, action consistent.

7, do not allow welding scars and large burrs on the material, to prevent mold damage.

8, work is completed, cut off the power, do a good job of machine maintenance and environmental cleaning.

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