What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing Industrial Fans

Nowadays, many physical factories use industrial large fans to promote the air circulation of the production workshop and reduce the temperature of the workshop. This solves the problem of how to choose large industrial fans. Many physical factories will purchase multiple fans in batches and install them in suitable parts of the workshop. . So what do you need to pay attention to when installing a new market quotation for huge industrial fan? #hvls fan #high volume low speed fan #industrial ceiling fan #ceiling industrial fan

Industrial Fan installation

First, use the steel bars to firmly fix the fan to the ceiling

The huge industrial fan consists of three main components: the fan blade and the fan head and the suspension device. Unlike ordinary household fans, industrial large fans usually need to be suspended and mounted on the top of the use scene. If the fan is not firmly fixed to the roof, it may cause the fan to fall during the later use. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the work when installing the industrial fan. It should be used on the ceiling of the factory floor. The steel bar hook securely fixes the assembled fan. If there are no reserved bar hooks on the ceiling of the production workshop, the fan should be used to lift the fan on the ceiling.

Second, connect each line accurately

The normal operation of large industrial fans requires the use of power supplies in addition to the support of various important components, and the manufacturers generally reserve the fuses of the live and neutral wires on the suspension of the fan. In the case where the connection between the fan head and the installation scene is inaccurate, a short circuit may occur. Therefore, when installing a large industrial fan, it is necessary to check the connection status of each line. In addition, it is necessary to cut off the installation scene in advance when wiring. Power supply to avoid accidents such as electric shock.

The introduction to the matters needing attention when installing industrial fans is coming to an end. In fact, the installation precautions for industrial large fans are not only the two aspects of suspension and wiring. In addition, the installer should also pay attention to installing the rubber wheel matched with the industrial large fan on the corresponding position on the fan instead of directly discarding it.

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