Electronic Molding Parts

Two Color Tooth Brush Injection Mould Plastic Parts

Make plastic injection moldingand injection molding production for two color tooth brush injection mould plastic parts, plastic handle.

Plastic Injection Mold for Usb Charger

Place of Origin: Guangdong, ChinaShaping Mode: Plastic Injection MouldProduct Material: Steel MouldProduct: Electronic USB charger adapterMould export to: EuropeCavity number: 1*2 cavities, 1*4 caviti...

Plastic Injection Mould Structure

The structure of the plastic injection mold is related tomany factors such as the variety of plastics, the shapeof the product, the dimensional accuracy, the productionbatch, the injection process...

Custom Injection Molding

Custom injection mold making and molding for electricalplastic parts & components.Since the company start export business in year 2011we have worked on hundreds of projects for customersfrom...

Plastic Injection Moulding Die Makers

Plastic injection mould & die maker in China.Focus on all kinds of mould development, various plasticmold manufacturing, mould design, injection molding, silkscreen, tampon printing, assembly...

China Plastic Injection Mold Maker

HanKing provide one-stop production of electrical productsfrom prototype – plastic mold making - mass production.Professional, rapid prototyping design, dedicated to castingquality plastic products. ...

What are electrical molding parts?

This is classified according to the purpose of the finished terminal product, involving electronic plastic parts and electrical plastic accessories.

In modern society, more and more products use electronic components. Medical equipment, home appliances, and automotive products, etc. all use electrical parts.

How to make good quality electronic parts?

The first is good part design, second is good mold design, precision equipment and skilled technician is also very critical.

The structure of the product should be reasonable and can be completely released from the mold, so our customers will discuss with us before making the mold. We welcome customers to send an inquiry, and it is very happy to work together to create high-quality products. Normally, we, as one of a leading electronic spare parts manufacturers, will give suggestions related to parting line, gate location & type, ejection location, surface finishing, angle draft analyze, wall thickness analyze and send part design optimization proposal to the customer.

What facility is needed to make an electrical molding part?

We use the milling machines, CNC machines, grinding machines, EDM, wire cutting machines to make injection mould, and make injection mold trials with Haitian injection machines.

In generally there are internal plastic parts and external plastic parts, dimension is very important for internal functional parts, most of the time, as long as the steel size of the mold is within tolerance, the dimension of the part that is injection molded will not NG.

And the external parts are visible, and must have a good appearance. In addition to the corresponding processing of the mold surface, the injection molding machine setting is also very important, usually, need to try a large number of parameter combinations when making mold trial.


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