ELECNC-1325-2S Wood Working Machinery

This engraver is equipped with two independent spindles, which can be switched automatically to work or work at the same time. It greatly improves production efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the spacing between the two spindles can be adjusted to more intelligently meet the processing needs. In addition, the machine is designed with a rotating device. And whose position and length can be customized, user-friendly design, easy to disassemble and install.


Like 1325-2 Wood CNC Router, the machine was designed with two heads. And the amount of head can be added to three or more.

The machine can engrave several materials at one time, which can greatly increasing the working efficiency. There is also the typical features of 2055-DS Multi Heads CNC Wood Carving Machine.

All the Multi-head CNC Router Machines were designed with casting iron frame, Thicken and bigger steel pipe structure after special treatment, well welded, no distortion for whole structure, high precision and long using life.

Besides, the machine was designed with rotary device. And it’s length and dimension can be made just according to your actual need.




X,Y,Z Working Area


Table Surface

T-slotworking table


Industrial class square tube strong structure

Rotary device

Diameter 160mm, length 2000mm(option and customized)

X, Y, Z axisStructure

Rack and gear for 3 axis, X axis, Y axis, Z axis


Taiwan PMI square linear guide way for 20mmTaiwan TBI ball screw

X,Y Resolution


Spindle Power

Changsheng 3kw water cooling spindle

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

FL118 stepper motor and YAKO2811 drive


Fuling 3.7kw inverter

Control System

Mach3 4axis control system


ManualLubrication system

Tool sensor

Manual tool sensor calibration

Control box

Control boxinside


oilmist cooling sprayer; dust collector system

Limit switch

Japan OMRON limit switch for X, Y, Z axis

Command Language

G Code

Computer Interface


Software Compatibility

ARTCAM software

Running Environment Temperature

0 – 45 Centigrade

Relative Humidity

30% – 75%


Multi router woodworkingindustry: Doors; Cabinets; Tables; Chairs.Wave plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.

Advertising industry: Signage; Logo; Badges; Display board; Meeting sign board; Billboard Advertising filed, sign making, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.

Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, and other non-metallic mold.

We have cnc woodworking machines for sale, welcome to buy.


BLUE ELEPHANT CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. Our main products include ATC CNC router, 4 axis cnc router, high-end customized furniture production line, luxury nesting CNC, mature wardrobe nesting machine, CNC five-sided drilling, six-sided drilling, CNC machining center, automatic drilling machine, CNC drilling, etc. All our CNC routers are widely used in plate-type furniture, custom cabinet, solid wooden furniture and some other non-metal machining areas.


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