Potato Starch Making Machine

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Features of Potato Starch Making Machine

Potato Starch Process Description and Flowchart:

Goodway has been continuously developing potato starch making machinesince 1991 to maximize product quality. From potato root hopper until the packaging stage, we can supply machines together with production process know-how.The production process of potato starch comprises the steps such as delivery and unloading potato, washing, crushing slurry and residues separation, desanding & desilting, starch concentrating and refining, de-watering, starch drying, and packaging. We provide below a brief description of the main steps of the potato starch production process.Note: Goodway updates the potato starch making machine and potato starch processingproduction line technology and machinery based on the latest experience. Thisstarch manufacturing machinery also can be used as cassava starch making machine.

Potato Starch Production Process

Cleaning and Washing Potato Roots

Wash the fresh potato roots in clean water to remove the surface mud and sand. It's the first step of potato starch process and very important for the quality of final potato starch.

Crushing Washed Potato Roots into Slurry

Crushing the washed potato roots into the slurry and separate to remove the coarse potato residues to obtain uniformly smooth potato slurry. The crushing drum and all food contact areas should be made from stainless steel.

Potato Slurry and Residues Separation

The commonly physical operation to separate fine potato residues from potato slurry. Oversize particles of potato residues cannot pass through the lattice structure of the filter, while fluid and small particles of potato slurry can pass through to become filtrate.

Raw Starch Milk Desanding and Desilting

Solid control equipment that separates tiny sand and mud from the raw starch milk. Desander is installed before the desilter and normally the solids diameter for desander to be separated would be larger than for desilter.

Starch Refining and Concentrating

When raw starch milk enters the hydrocyclone, the pure starch milk of high density getting larger centrifugal force leaves from the underflow outlet, and the protein and other soluble impurities of low density getting smaller centrifugal force leave from the overflow outlet. Finally, achieve the purpose of various components of separation, and improve the quality of final starch with higher whiteness and purity.

Pure Starch Milk De-watering

De-watering the pure starch milk to the low water content of 35-40% by the principle of vacuum suction filtration. Ensure sufficient water has been removed, otherwise, the starch will form into lumps during drying.

Drying Wet Starch into Dried Starch

Effectively dry the wet starch into dried starch with low moisture content by the principle of heat transfer exchange. The drying process is more reliable and of higher quality.


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