Post Lifting Bin Mixer

The post lifting bin mixer can automatically complete the functions of lifting, mixing and lowering, and is ideal mixing equipment for the solid preparation of the pharmaceutical industry.

This model can be fully automated and only needs to input relevant data on the control screen to mix materials.

Product Description of Post Lifting Bin Mixer

Post lifting bin mixer has functions such as automatic lifting, mixing and lowering. With a hopper mixer and a variety of mixing hoppers of different specifications, it can meet the mixing requirements of multiple varieties and different batches and is the ideal equipment for the total mixing of pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

The bin blender machineis a new type of machine that our company has extensively absorbed and digested foreign advanced technology and successfully developed in combination with national conditions. When the mixing is completed, the hopper can continue to be raised to the process height and is convenient for discharging.

The materials can pass through different process segments in the same container, and do not need to be frequently transferred, fed, etc. Effectively control dust and cross-contamination, reduce material loss, control material stratification, optimize the production process, and fully comply with GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

Structural Characteristics of Post Lifting Bin Mixer

The Post lifting bin mixer is composed of a column, machine base, rotation crotch, driving system braking system, control system, etc. Push the mixing hopper into the rotation crotch and lock the nuts. Start the control system to lift the hopper to the mixing height and position it reliably. The driving system will carry out automatic mixing according to the set time, rotation speed and other data. After the mixing operation, the rotation crotch will stop vertically, the hopper will be printed. Loosen the locknuts of the rotary crotch and push the hopper out and transfer it to the next procedure.

Application of Post Lifting Bin Mixer

Milk powder



Chicken powder

Cosmetic Pigment

Other industries

Main Features of Post Lifting Bin Mixer

(1) The blender binmachine has such features as reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient

the operation, no dead corners, and no exposed bolts

(2) The gyrator (mixing hopper) forms an included angle of 30 with the rotation axis. The materials in the mixing hopper rotate along with the gyrator and make tangential movement and achieving the best mixing effect

(3) PLC automatic control is adopted, it is provided with the infrared safety device and the discharging butterfly valve with the misoperation preventer to ensure safe production

Technical Data of Post Lifting Bin Mixer

Technical Data

Model No.

Effective vol

Turning Speed

Total Power


Total Weight
































Power supply

3P AC208-415V 50/60HZ

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Post Lifting Bin Mixer
Post Lifting Bin Mixer The post lifting bin mixer can automatically complete the functions of lifting, mixing and lowering, and is ideal mixing equipment for the solid pr...

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