CNC Machining Center

From the vertical type and horizontal type to gantry type, Sealion Machine Tool offers you a wide range of CNC Machining Center. With our hard-working design engineers, we always keep our machining center above other manufactures. Those machines are widely used in mold processes, general machining, and massive production area. It can be singly used and can be used for multiple operations on parts in a production line. Those machining centers are powerful, high-speed positioning, mechanical and electrical integration, and equip with automatic chip conveyor. Please talk to our professional engineers for selecting the best CNC precision machining, high precision CNC milling machine, and high-speed CNC milling machine.

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical machining center is a high level CNC machine designed and developed by our company. The machine is suitable for processing complex mold contours, automobile parts and box parts in service industry.

Gantry Machining Center

Gantry type machining center is the perfect solution for machining large or heavy parts. The best machining method is vertical spindle machining. A variety of boring, milling, and turning can be carried out in one clamping.

Horizontal Machining Center

The horizontal machining center is widely used in the processing of box parts, shell parts, disc parts and special-shaped parts in aerospace, automobile, die, and machinery manufacturing industries.

Application Fields of Machine Tools


SEALION has good experience in the development of specific but cheap machine tools that ensures precision and quality required in the energy sector.

Earth Moving

At present, the construction machinery industry has a considerable scale, which can produce more than 3000 varieties of quality machine tools in 18 categories.


Quality machine tools can do machining from raw blocks, machining in roughing and fine finishing, machining all kinds of molds and mold-holders in both vertical or horizontal positions.

General Machining

We offer a wide range of quality machine tools for your general machining and fabrication work in your factory.


SEALION has a wealth of experience in the field of the motor for more than twenty years.

Machine Tool Technology Applied

01 Hydrostatic Rotary Table

02 Thermo Friendly

03 DVT Mode

04 Operator Productivity

05 Cutting Performance

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