Roll Forming Machine

Having made automatic china roll formerfor over twenty years, we are a professional china roll forming machine factoryin this area with rich experience. The main forming part can be a double layer or single layer, it has the collection of rollforming machinery, electricity and hydraulic, therefore it will have high working efficiency and can work fully automatically.

The main structural form of rollforming machinesat Jinggongis as follows:

Cantilever type.

The frame adopts welded steel profiles, and the shot blasting treatment.

Through the hydraulic device, the inner supporting plate is opened along the radial direction, to realize the material coil of radial uptight.

Motor and chain driven unwinding reel rotation, the output signal of the sensor varies with the number of roll out, the frequency transformer adjusts the uncoiler feeding speed through this change, to realize active uncoil.

Pressure arm cylinder drive lift off (Customer self-distribution source).

With 53 years' experience, Jinggong is specialized in manufacturing high-qualityroll forming equipment for sale, metal roll forming machines for sale, metal forming equipment for sale, feel free to contact!


至: Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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