Entry-level sheet fiber plate laser cutting machine

Lower laser cutting cost and easy operation

Function Enhancement

10kW+ Cutting Process Package

The special fiber laser nozzle and cutting process ensure faster carbon steel oxygen cutting, more gas-saving low-pressure stainless steel nitrogen cutting, and better-quality carbon steel air cutting.

Gas-saving Nozzle with Steady Flow

Cutting performance and efficiency are improved by maintaining gas flow steady with little turbulence.

Active Anti-collision Function

Fiber laser heads are able to detect jutting obstacles to effectively reduce the damage rate and save the maintenance cost of a laser cutter.

No Quiver when Cutting Thin Sheet

The cutting process works even at the edge of thin sheets, and ensures no chatter marks.

Mechanical Configuration

Welded Bed with Mortise-and-tenon Joint

Each frame of the cutting machine bed is welded after mortise-and-tenon joint to achieve perfect mechanical property and better stability and firmness.

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam

Ultra-high-pressure stretching process and lightweight design; Rigidity increases by 60% ; Weight goes down by 20% ; Laser cutter running speed increases by 50%

Modular Table

The modular cutting machine table with stiffeners saves time for disassambly and improves convenience and rigidity.



BodorThinker is a high-end intelligent control system for a CNC laser cutter, featuring reliable stability, convenient installation and adjustment, safe production, multiple functionality, and robust performance. With BodorThinker, your laser cutting solutions can be modular, customized, automated and information-based.


Industrial Design Award Winner

"Oscar in Design", two of the top three world industrial design awards

Remote Control

A mango shape and convenient magnetic securing help you control with just one hand.

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