All-roundfiber laser tube cutting machine

Multiple function options help the tube laser cutter machinebe used in numerous tube cutting processes.

Function Enhancement

Gas-saving Nozzle with Steady Flow

Cutting performance and efficiency are improved by maintaining gas flow steady with little turbulence.

Bodor Lightning

The lightning-quick piercing process combined perfectly with BodorGenius completes the whole piercing just during the laser cutter head moves down on Z-axis.

Angle Steel and Channel Steel Cutting

Angle steel and channel steel cutting are standard with no need for additional installation.

Four-side Edge Searching, Higher Precision

Optimized edge searching method and algorithm guarantee higher cutting precision and better steadiness of the laser cutter.

Mechanical Configuration

Specialized Laser Head BodorGenius T

The slender nozzle allows the laser tuber cutter to avoid interference and cut various types of tubes, including special-shaped tubes like H-Beam, P-Beam, I-beam, etc.

Penumatic Chuck

Cutting machine clamping becomes convenient, easy and fast, with 3 seconds at the soonest to clamp and high repeat precision



BodorThinker is a high-end intelligent control system for a CNC laser cutter, featuring reliable stability, convenient installation and adjustment, safe production, multiple functionality, and robust performance. With BodorThinker, your laser cutting solutions can be modular, customized, automated and information-based.

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