Automatic Cappuccino Machine for Home Use

ne-touch automatic cappuccino coffee machineare fully automatic coffee and auto cappuccino makers, with a built-in bean grinder, espresso brewer, automatic cappuccino, and latte system, users can make coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte with one touch of the function icon on a touch screen.

One-touch cappuccino super coffee machines are designed with a grinder and automatic milk frother. This all-in-one bean to cup Cappuccino Coffee Machinesis equipped with two compact instant heating boiler systems, one for espresso system, and another one for milk system separately, quickly heats water to optimal espresso brew and milk foaming temperature. Under the Italy-made ULKA brand 19bar high-pressure pump, the automatic cappuccino latte and espresso machinewill effectively extract full-bodied espresso with a rich and balanced flavor.

With disassembled automatic milk system, a super-automatic one-touch cappuccino office latte machinewill suck milk and produce milk foam before or right after the espresso process without waiting, enable users to make cappuccinos, lattes easily whenever they like.

The disassembled milk system allows you to take it away from the self service bean to cup coffee machines and wash by water directly, it is designed to meet high requirements for healthy and convenient maintenance during the use of the fully automatic coffee machine for home.

Colet coffee machines have automatic parameter settings for coffee quantity, milk quantity, grinding fineness, water volume, water temperature adjust accordingly to the selected coffee beverages. You can customize the perfect coffee taste by using of "favorites" setting function, saving up your favorite coffee taste.

In addition, Colet one-touch commercial automatic espresso coffee machinealso fit with a water filter, brewer cleaning tablets, descaling powder, milk cleaning liquid, which can be found in the market easily.


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