Automatic Thermal Film Laminator with Powder Removal Function

4 Strict quality management system.

Features of Automatic Thermal Film Laminator with Powder Removal Function

Energy Saving And High Efficiency

This machine is made by our company according to the needs of the market and through the analysis of the same type of machine in the market as well as the manufacturer and printing techniques, highlighted as energy saving and high efficiency.

Circling Oil Or (Circling Water) Heating System

The machine adopts a circling oil or (circling water) heating system. The high-quality steel roller with special inner spiral design and circling oil or (circling water) heat recycling system coordinated with precise processing techniques, which can make the roller fast in temperature rising and higher heat efficiency under high speed running, which also can make a fast melting of the pre-coated glue and ensure a firm and bright film to paper lamination as well as reach energy-saving and high-efficiency effect.

Gas Liquid Pressurization System

The rubber roller adopts high-quality rubber with the feature of good elasticity, high temperature and wears resistance. The gas-liquid pressurization system can provide automatic pressure supply, pressure keeping and pressure unloading according to the need of the machine. When there is a power breakdown, the rubber roller can automatically separate with the thermal roller to protect it and extend the life span of the rubber roller.

Full Page Of Sheets

A full page of sheets coming from the offset press can be directly fed into the feeder of the film laminator, which can greatly reduce the labour intensity. If the paper pile from the offset press is irregular, a built-out pre-piling device is available for option.

The Machine Adopts Whole Wall Structure Processed By CNC Lathe

The machine adopts a whole wall structure processed by a CNC lathe. All the rollers are balance tested. All above these together with the tight assembling technique, high-quality material makes the machine run stable at high speed and durable.

High Reliability And Trouble Free

All the electric parts are all well-known brands domestic and abroad with high reliability and trouble-free.

Easy Operation

Practice and precise servo motor and its system plus side-lay puller and touch screen make the adjustment and operation easy with good precision (±2mm).

Separation With No Curling

The separation part adopts a special mode, which can ensure no double sheets for BOPP film lamination even when the machine is running at a speed of 100m/min. It is also equipped with a paper curl elimination device to ensure separation with no curling.

Sheet Counting Function

Auto-sheeting platform at delivery part can rise up and down automatically with sheet counting function.

Specification of Automatic Thermal Film Laminator with Powder Removal Function











Sheet Weight



Installed Power



Power Consumption



Air Source Pressure

Overall Dimension



Total Weight



Now the price of dry lamination machineis affordable, if you have needs to buy a dry film photoresist laminator, please contact us.

As a packing machine factory, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.


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