Spandex Machine

Spandex is the earliest developed and most widely used variety among elastic fibers and the most mature production technology.

Normally two ways to make spandex yarn, dry spinning and melt spinning.

Dry-method uses solvents. Solvents not only damage the environment but also harm the human body. The residual toxic solvents in the products have been banned by the European Union for the use of dry-method spandex to make underwear. The melt yarn spinning machine's method does not use solvents, there are no three wastes in the production process through spandex machine, and the product does not contain toxic ingredients. It is "green spandex". Melt-spun spandex chips are the raw material for making this environmentally friendly spandex fiber, as technology in TPU polyurethane materials.

Description about Spandex Machine


TPU chips

Denier(D) Range

15D, 20D, 30D, 40D

Mechanical speed


8 /10 positions

12/ 16 ends

Type of spin pack

bottom mounted



Specifications of Spandex Machine



Place of origin


Brand name


Model number

Spandex Yarn

Minimum order quantity


Packaging details

Wooden pallet packing

Delivery time


Payment terms

JWELL MachineryChina learns the latest technology of plastic extrusion and guarantee high-quality production under the standard of CE certification, IS09001 quality management system certification.


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