Custom Plastic Parts

Custom Plastic Parts

CNCmachining China/ vacuum casting/custom injection moldsprototype to production manufacturing is available.

As a custom plastic parts factory, Xin Pin has the full machine to produce the plastic parts. It allows us to offer on-demanding production according to our customer's requirements. More than 10000 kinds of material can be done.

Customed Plastic Parts Show

Transparent Plastic Part

By our professional technician polishung , we can make a transparent prototype to be obtained. The Common use material is PMMA, PC ,etc.

Plastic Enclosure

As one of custom plastic parts manufacturers, we can produce many different kinds of ABS or other plastic material for your electronic projects,such as cabinets with mounting flanges, small enclosures for portable equipment, weatherproof outdoor enclosures, etc.

Plastic Turinng Part

No matter what complex structure you need, Xin Pin has involved in CNC turning turining parts for many years and capable to meet your Plastic Machining needs!

Plastic Housing

We have made many kinds of plastic housing in many kinds of fields, such as plastic shell for car rearview mirror, car lighting cover, plastic exterior shell for motorcycle, plastic cover for small devices and many other covers for electronics devices and medical devices.Xin Pin is capable to meet your need for your on-demanding requirements.

Specification of Custom Plastic Parts



Products Name

Custom High precision Plastic parts

Maximum Size



White, Black, Transparent, and Custom as Pantone No.

Surface Finish

Deburr, Glossy, Transparent Polishing, Painting, Textured Finishing, UV absorbers, Electro-plating, etc.

Drawing Format





+/-0.1mm-0.005mm,100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection formatting equipment.

Products Volume

1-100000+ PCS

Now the custom plastic parts priceis affordable, if you are interested, please leave us a message.

If you want to know more about rapid manufacturing china, please visit our website.


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