SWP-MT 15KHz-30KHz Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

SWP 300series are JKZ's newly designed and manufactured induction heating power supply.

The MT version of SWP series equipment uses IGBT as the core component, and its frequency range is from 15KHZ to 30KHz.

The maximum single machine power of this ultra high frequency china inductionheating machine is designed up to 600KW. It adopts the latest full digital control circuit and touch screen.

The operating system integrates a more powerful condition monitoring system with reliable and stable wiring and simple maintenance. The equipment can be equipped with a variety of remote control methods, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of automatic control.

Moreover, SWP-MT can also run fully automatically under the control of external systems such as PLC. Its optimized main circuit transformer size is reduced by 10% compared to the previous generation, and it is suitable for induction forging and induction hardening applications.

Specifications of SWP-MT Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine


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