Bettersizer 2600

Laser Particle Size Analyzer(Dry & Wet Dispersions)

The Bettersizer 2600 utilizes this laser diffraction technology. There are 92 photoelectric detectors to convert light signals from the scattering spectrum to electrical signals, which are transmitted into an intelligent software. By implementing the Mie scattering theory to the data and performing mathematical conversion, the complete particle size distribution can be derived.

Measurement: Particle size

Particle size range:

Wet dispersion: 0.02 to 2600μm

Dry dispersion: 0.1 to 2600μm

Dispersion type: Wet and Dry

Technology: Laser diffraction

Precise measurement of both large and small particles covering the broadest range by a new patented technology utilizing both Fourier and Reverse Fourier optical systems

Optical bench with 92 detectors covering an angular range of 0.016° - 165°

Optional wet and/or dry dispersion

Small volume dry dispersing module for small sample quantities especially for pharmaceutical or valuable samples in short supply

Easy and fast to changeover between dispersing modules

Easy to implement, create and use Standard Operation Procedures for new materials

Automatic alignment of the optical system

User-friendly software, easily learned

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