Hydraulic Liner Hanger Sealling Assembly

The casing spool assemblycomprises shell and pack off bushing and is used to seal the annular clearance between polished nipple and liner hanger body so as to build pressure after the ball reaches the landing collar, preventing current from passing through upward. There are sinistral-threads on the top of connecting setting tool.

A setting tool and liner hanger where the liner hanger has a threaded release section and elongated slip slots for receiving slips. The slips have inclined tongue and groove interconnections along the sides of the slots defining expander surfaces. The setting tool has a hydraulic actuator and a mechanical actuator respectively having dog members releasably connected to upper and lower internal grooves in the slip members. The hydraulic actuator operates in response to hydraulic pressure for moving connected dog member for setting the slips in a well casing.

Upon release of the coupling nut on the setting tool from the liner hanger, the mechanical actuator is deactuated and both dog members are released from the slips so that the setting tool is releasable from the liner hanger.

The mechanical actuator operates in response to relative rotation between the setting tool mandrel and liner hanger for moving connected dog members and the slips to a setting condition. The tool is raised to a location to set the slips and to release the setting tool from the liner hanger.

FeaturesofHydraulic Liner Hanger Sealling Assembly

Technical ParametersofHydraulic Liner Hanger Sealling Assembly

Specifications, mm




Sealing Capacity, MPa








Body I.D., mm




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