Fine Blanking Line

Based on BOYA's excellent processing and manufacturing capacity and rich series of products, we have a complete set of fine blanking equipment for the production line. Including main machine system, feeding system, uncoiler leveling equipment, blanking line press, parts conveying sorting device, die changing device, waste scrap cutting device, and part of the supporting equipment can be adjusted according to customer needs, the equipment structure is more flexible. At the same time, this auxiliary equipment and the host system synchronous matching, linkage control, significantly enhance the production stability and equipment safety. It not only comprehensively improves the performance of fine blanking machine but also realizes the comprehensive integration of digital production control systems.

Application of Fine Blanking Line

Relying on the technological advantages accumulated in the metallurgical production line, integrated innovation, the automatic control technology in the metallurgical field is introduced into the production of fine blanking products, making the series of fine blanking production lines developed by BOYA more automatic, high efficiency, high quality, providing system solutions in the field of fine blanking.

Advantage of Fine Blanking Line

Provide one-stop fine blanking system solution

Online testing platform for fine blanking

Highly automated production line control

Formula management system and MES system platform

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