C&Q Amusement Park Car Rides

As one of the most professional car amusement parkmanufacturers in China, C&Q Amusement offers thrilling experiences of amusement park cars, including activities of amusement kids driving school, kid go kart/amusement go karts, and bear accompanying electric car. C&Q amusement has over 20 years experience in designing and producing amusement park cars for driving school and go-karts. Customer IP will be fully integrated into the theme amusement equipment to strengthen the differentiation of the theme park.

Types of Amusement Park Cars for Sale

Amusement Kids Driving School

Amusement kids driving school, also known as C-ar Town, is our star product. It can be played indoors and outdoors, aiming to create a novel interactive experience.

C&Q Amusement Park Rides Projects


Kiddie Rides


Major Rides


Major Rides


Horror Haunted House

Amusement Park Car Rides Safety Rules

Please read the instructions to visitors carefully.

Please fasten your seat belt during the ride.

Listen to the safety instructions of the staff.

Observe the minimum height, age, weight and health requirements for your safety.

No one shall wander or stay in the track or site. Passengers should queue up in the waiting area to prevent collisions.

Take care of all loose objects, including wallets, change, sunglasses, cell s, and hats.

Parents should ensure that their children understand and follow safe and appropriate behavior when ride electric cars in amusement park.

Now the price of amusement park equipmentis reasonable, if you have needs to buy amusement park rides, please leave us a message.


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