Heat Powered Stove Fan

Keep your home warm this winter with our Eco-friendly round wood stove fan and stove accessories.

Being Self- operating when the top of the heat-powered wood heater fans for saletemperature is at 50℃.

Circulate the warm air to your room quickly.

No battery or power supply.

Saving burning costs by 18%.

Heat-Powered Woodstove Fan Selection Guide

In order to disperse heat from the stove more effectively and swiftly raise the temperature of your room, this four-bladed heat-powered wood heater fan is built to deliver a highly broad thermal current. 220–250 CFM of circulation.

The motor of the fan is powered by a thermoelectric module, which also serves as a little generator. The heated air produced by burning wood, coal, or pellets is intended to be circulated by the heat-powered stove fan. Reduces the amount of wood your fire needs to burn, effectively circulating warm air throughout the space. 70°C to 250°C is the recommended operating temperature.

The heat powered fan for gas stovesupport is composed of anodized aluminum, which can withstand temperatures of up to 644°F (340°C) without deforming or discoloring even after extended use in high temperatures. The safety feature softly raises the front of the fan to protect the center module and motor when the surface temperature of the stove climbs above about 300°C.

The heat powered wood burning stove fanruns automatically when the stove temperature is between 40°C and 340°C and features a newly designed blade, larger air volume, and lower noise. The only moving component of the wood stove fan is the blade assembly, which makes it virtually silent even when running at high speed.

The heat powered fan for wood stoveburning stoves merely needs to be placed on a smooth, flat surface of your stovetop, close to the side or back of the stovepipe, without being to be installed. More air is circulated by the fan when the stove top heats up.

How do heat powered stove fans work

Heat powered fans for wood stoveswork by harnessing the heat produced by a stove or fireplace to generate electricity, which in turn powers a small fan. Here's how do heat powered wood stove fans work:

Heat transfer: The base of the fan is positioned on the surface of the stove or fireplace where it absorbs the heat energy.

Thermoelectric module: Inside the base of the fan, there is a thermoelectric module made of two different materials (usually bismuth telluride and copper). These materials are connected by two metal plates, which create a temperature difference between them.

Peltier effect: The temperature difference between the two plates causes electrons to flow from one material to the other, which creates a small electrical current. This is known as the Peltier effect.

Motor: The electrical current generated by the thermoelectric module powers a small motor that is connected to the fan blades.

Fan blades: As the motor spins the fan blades, air is drawn in through the vents at the back of the fan and pushed out through the vents at the front.

Heat circulation: The circulating air helps to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the room, which can make the space feel warmer and reduce the amount of fuel needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Heat powered fans for wood-burning stoves are a great eco-friendly option for those who want to improve heat circulation in their homes without using electricity. They operate silently and efficiently and do not require any external power source or batteries.

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