High Strength Steel Leveler

The characteristics of high resistance metal are mainly manifested as high deformation resistance, high hardening degree and small deformation interval, especially the uniformity of transverse mechanical properties and size tolerance control for thin wide strip products and the difficulty of shape control. High strength steel straightener is the precision leveling equipment for straightening high strength plate (σ S about 1500). High strength steel has high requirements for equipment stiffness, so we choose this steel coil levelerwith the characteristics of large tension, small roll diameter, and use multi-roll straightening mode for straightening.

Application Scope of High Strength Steel Leveler


Strip thickness

Strip Width

Material Yield. Strength

Leveling Speed

Carbon steel, stainless steel




Structure Advantage of High Strength Steel Leveler

BOYA High strength multi-roll leveler equipped with high precision insertion adjustment, convex adjustment, deflection Angle adjustment mechanism, can greatly improve the plate straightening effect.

The convex adjustment mechanism is arranged along the width direction of the roller system, which can effectively improve the wave shape of the width direction of the high strength plate and improve the shape flatness of the plate.

This steel stretcheris equipped with roller cleaning mechanism to easy to maintenance.

This series of plate levelerequipped with semi-automatic roll change car, can greatly improve the efficiency of roll change and equipment maintenance characteristics;

Equipped with reliable Siemens control system and optimized process adjustment template, can effectively ensure product quality stable after steel plate straightening.

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