Grease spray gun

A grease spray gunis a tool used for lubrication. It is used to apply lubricant through an aperture to a specific point. There are several common grease spray gun types such as guns made using a lever, hand pump, pistol grip, and an air-powered or battery charged design. Among them, the grease spray gun with a lever design is the most popular, because it is convenient and helpful for a number of projects.

Key features of grease spray gun

-With good atomization effect and excellent handling ability, it is suitable for saving paint material and reducing product cost.

-High quality.

-Higher cost performance.

-Convenient maintenance.

-User-friendly design. Spraying for a long time will not feel very tired. Compact and lightweight industrial paint sprayer will save energy and improve efficiency.

-Reduce paint waste.

Tips about grease spray gun

There are several tips need to know about using a grease spray gun. The process of disassembly and loading must be handled carefully to avoid causing danger. When the amount of paint is relatively large, additional pressure tanks can be added and linked with air and air hose. The nozzle and air cap center hole are designed in the same plane so that the paint does not form a certain negative pressure at the front of the nozzle.

Safety guidelines about grease spray gun

Every tool has a unique function and is designed to operate in a right and specific way. Only use a tool for its intended function. Always read the label or materials safety data sheet for the materials that may be used before you use an item to ensure its safe. Never operate tool if you are tired, as operator needs to be in control of tool at all times. Do not abuse hoses or connectors.

Advantages of grease spray gun

-Long service time.

-Solve special effects that can't be achieved with ordinary spray guns.

-Wide range of use: billet plate, coil surface spray code, float glass marking process, dispensing industry, fine spraying, store furniture, AG potion, three-proof paint, nano-materials, circuit boards, shoe sole spray glue.

-Optional caliber.

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