X9 Fish Tank LED Light for Planted Tank 15W 2000LM

X9 15W 2000LM Aquarium Light is suitable for 35cm/14" - 50cm/20" tank length and Max.thickness 6mm aquarium. We offer 220V EU plug and 110V US plug.

It is UV-free and non-radiative for your plants & fishes.


Color: Gray, BlackPower: 15WVoltage: 220V, 110VFit Tank Size: 14"-20"X9 15W Aquarium Light Details:

- Fits for 35cm/14'' - 50cm/20" length aquarium

- Max. thickness 6mm fish tank

- Lampshade: Acrylic (vapour-proof)

- Shell colour:

220V - Black, Gray

110V - Black, Gray

- Shell material: ABS

- LED chip model: 5730

- Lamp bead amount: 40pcs(32 white & 8 blue)

- Colour of light: White blue

- Colour temperature: 8000-12000K

- Lumen: 2000LM

- Wattage: 15W

- Voltage & HZ:

220V 50-60HZ

110V 50-60HZ

- CRI: 87.5

- Electric wire length: 1.2m

X9 15W Aquarium Light Features:

- The color temperature of white 8000-12000K, it is beneficial to grow plants.

- Fish tank light is UV-free and nonradiative for your plants & fishes.

- Perfect for fish and plant growth. This light is suitable for freshwater.

Choose the Best Led Fish Tank Lights:

Many aquarium fresh hand have chosen to ignore one of the main points of the light, it is very important to choose a good light that fits tank and fishes. If you choose a lamp that is too large or too high, the initial investment will be much higher. Some someone because of the limited budget, choose the not fitting tank light, which is too small, the exposure surface is too small, the dark area is too much, the brightness is not enough, and it is impossible to keep it for a long time. , the viewing effect will be very bad.

If you buy fish tank lights online, you will buy more cheap fish tank lightscompare with other way. It happens that our company also has fish tank led lights for sale on the Internet, if necessary, please contact us in time.


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