Flexo Printing Machine

In the 1980s, flexographic printing technology developed rapidly.

The performance of flexible printing machine, the processing precision of the ink roller and the resolution of the plate are improved obviously. The quality of the flexographic printing machine has reached or close to the level of offset printing or gravure. Therefore, in the world, flexographic printing is widely used in packaging and printing especially in paper container printing, besides being popularized and used in newspapers and printing book. Now, in industrial developed countries, flexographic printing has taken a leading position in packaging and printing.

China's flexographic printing technology is first popularized in paper container printing. In recent years, in addition to imported nearly 200 flexo printing production line from abroad, many flexographic printing machine manufacturershave developed the production line of domestic flexo printing, which has been put into use. It is certain that flexographic printing will be further developed in our country packaging and printing.

(1) flexographic printing. Using a flexible version, transfer ink by anilox roller printing.

(2) flexible version. A convex plate made of elastic solid materials such as rubber and photosensitive resin.

(3) rubber relief. A synthetic rubber relief plate made of a template pressing or engraving.

(4) photosensitive resin relief. Photopolymerized convex plate made of photosensitive resin by exposure and washing. There are two types of solid and liquid solidification.

(5) rollerhead roller. The transfer roller of flexographic printing, the surface system has a concave hole or mesh groove line, for printing control of ink transfer.

(6) flexographic printing press. Using a flexible version of the ink roller transfer ink to complete the printing process machine.

The main features of this model are as follows:

· the standardization of parts, the general application of parts and the high degree of product serialization, are advanced in design;

· double-sided printing can be achieved by changing the transmission route of the substrate; Convenient operation and maintenance, good use performance;

· equipped with automatic control system such as tension, edge position and set, it can achieve high-speed multicolor printing.

At present, the flexible printing machine is the mainstream of flexographic printing.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of small specification, multi-printing and post-printing process, a narrow flexographic printing machine is required, which is the flexographic printing machine with the substrate of the substrate at 600 mm.

This type of machine is actually a special case of the machine type flexo printing machine, mainly used for printing and printing of paperboard and pressure sensitive material and ticket printing. After printing, these materials are also processed, such as polishing, punching, stamping, die cutting, etc. To this end, a variety of functional units are combined to form a flexible printing automatic production line, which increases the function, improves the productivity, and reduces the printing cost. The printing unit can adopt the above satellite, stack and unit type, and the printing speed is generally 150 m/min.

No matter which type is used, the flexible printing machine consists of the paper feeding section, the printing department, the dry cooling section and the feeding section. In addition, the automatic regulation control and automatic control system can be added in accordance with the requirements of the users.

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