Automotive Mold

HanKing Mould technologyof shenzhen hanking for globally Automotive & Vehicle products customers, more than 10 years of experience enabling the HanKing Mould Enginering Ltd. to provide customers the fast development time and stable quality to ensure the new project running well. And hanking is one of the most professional injection mold making companiesin China.Hanking mold will analysis the filling to obtain the best gate position the best flowing regime, and design the best cooling channel to ensure the minimum wrapping deformation and hanking mouldinghasa very good injection operator to help set the best injection parameter to avoid any development time waste and improving the molding parameter reliability.

HanKing Mould of hankingtec is very experienced in small and medium-sized automotive mould, in the past years, the types of products we involved were included fuse and fuse box, connector, switch, relay, sensors, actuators, terminal, valve, handle and other body accessories.

In the development of the automotive industry, the proportion of plastic parts in automotive parts is very large, and the demand for plastic parts is increasing day by day because plastics have the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightweight and easy processing. Most plastics have a specific gravity of 0.9 to 1.6, and the proportion of glass fiber reinforced composites will not exceed 2.0, while A3 steel is 7.6, brass is 8.4, and aluminum is 2.7. The use of plastic can reduce the weight of parts by about 40%, and the cost can be greatly reduced, which makes plastic the preferred material for automotive light-weighting. Plastic is easy to molding parts with complex shapes. According to the plastic composition of the plastic, by adding different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners to produce the desired properties of the plastic, changing the mechanical strength and processing properties of the material to meet the requirements of different parts of the car. The plastic consumption of each auto part accounts for 20% of the total vehicle materials and may reach 35% in the future. When the auto company develops a new car, it needs to use hundreds of sets of plastic injection molds, which requires the quality assurance of plastic parts in production, and the quality of plastic parts is determined by the mold.

Which parts of the car are commonly used in plastic?

Bumper, the instrument panel accessories, inlet grille, fender, radiator grille, trim panel, engine parts, Water tank accessories, air conditioning accessories, air filter accessories, various kettles, seat accessories, floor panel accessories, roof panel accessories, bar accessories, steering wheel accessories, door trims, rearview mirrors and various fastener, front and rear lamp, etc.


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Automotive Mold
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