Evaporator System

HongVadar company provides you the Lysine, Tryptophan, Threonine, Valine, Leucine, etc. fermentation products project. HongVader as agricultural processing plants play the roles of corn, sweet corn processing plant, potato processing plant, starch of corn and wheat processing plant, taking wheat, rice, cassava processing, msg project, and production lines of ethanol glucose, DMH, fructose, sorbitol.

Multi-effect TMR Evaporator System

HVD-EV-T series TVR vacuum evaporation equipmentis a kind of compressor evaporator condenser system. The multiple effect evaporator working principle is using secondary steam many times according to the theory of vacuum low-temperature evaporation to save steam energy. According to the evaporation capacity and energy-saving requirements, it can be divided into single effects, two effects, three effects, four effects, five effects, and so on. The structure is divided into falling film, forced falling film, forced circulation, and so on.

Multiple effect evaporators are used toevaporate heat-sensitive, high concentration, high viscosity, and corrosive materials, and suitable for concentration of corn steeping liquid and maltose syrup in starch & glucose industry, fruit juice and flavored semen in the food industry, liquid milk in the dairy industry, sugar juice in the sugar industry and distiller's grains filtrate in the alcohol industry. As one of the reliable evaporation equipment manufacturers, we make different types of multiple effect evaporator for sale, such assingle effect evaporator and forward feed multiple effect evaporator with the bestevaporation machine price.

Main feature of Multi-effect TMR Evaporator System

  • The whole compressor evaporator condenser system is designed reasonably and beautifully, running stably, highly efficient and energy-saving, and low steam consumption.
  • High concentration ratio, falling film evaporation, so that the viscosity of the material liquid easy to evaporation, and short time concentration.
  • Special design, realize switching efficiency through simple operation to adapt to the production of different products.
  • Low evaporation temp, suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials.
  • High heat transfer coefficient and high evaporation rate, which can prevent the "drywall" phenomenon.
  • High separation effect and greater flexible operation.
  • Compact structure, small floor area, and simple & smooth layout.
  • In and out of the material continuously. The material liquid can reach the required concentration after passing through the equipment once.
  • If the material needs continuous sterilization treatment, the sterilization, and concentration of two processes can be completed at one time.
  • Equipped with CIP cleaning pipeline. The calandria type evaporator can be cleaned on the spot. The whole equipment is easy to operate without dead Angle.
  • The power control is realized by the control cabinet, and the automatic control system can be installed according to the user's requirements.
  • Special pump, reliable seal, stable performance, little maintenance, and smooth operation.

MVR Evaporator System

HVD-EV-M series MVR compressor evaporator condenser system compresses the secondary steam generated by the steam according to the principle of mechanical compression, so as to raise its temperature to a certain extent and return the heating system to replace the raw steam as the heat source of the heater, so as to make full use of the waste stream, recover the latent heat, improve the thermal efficiency, and achieve the purpose of saving steam energy. At the same time,mechanical recompression evaporator/mechanical vapour recompression evaporator/vapor recompression evaporatoralso reduces the demand for external cooling resources, reduces energy consumption, and reduces pollution. This product of mvr evaporator designand technology is mainly used in multi-effect evaporation and crystallization equipment.

Evaporator System Technical Parameters

Multi-effect TMR Evaporator System Technical Parameters

Comparison and Evaluation Table of MVR and Five-effect Evaporator


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